SA45. Of course, it wouldn’t solve all problems………by Tommas Graves

A friend remarked “It would be foolish to think that LVT or Location Value Refund would solve all our problems”, and you would have to agree, but:-

  • This is a refund of benefit already received, it cannot be passed on
  • It will reduce poverty by removing one cause of inequality
  • Infrastructure improvements, such as transport and communications will produce their own financing
  • It is a fair way of producing government revenue
  • Booms and slumps would be much reduced
  • It would do away with many of the glaring faults in our tax system
  • It would eliminate the shortage of building land
  • It brings to the fore the factor of land, so long forgotten
  • It removes harmful taxes from production
  • Higher wages will appear without false promises
  • It will reverse the decay of urban communities
  • The likelyhood of  financial crashes will be reduced
  • Unemployment will be mostly eliminated
  • Housing will become affordable
  • The home owner has a duty to look after the land he uses
  • Windfall gains from land sales will be eliminated
  • The whole natural world will become common property
  • Local government will become a matter to be proud of
  • Spoiling the environment will be reduced
  • Sites will not be held out of use
  • The Chancellor will have an expanding revenue, easy to ascertain
  • Tax havens will lose their meaning
  • All other taxes can be systematically reduced or eliminated
  • Banks will rely less on security and more on business
  • The accumulation of debt will be stopped
  • The reduction in unfairness will help to bring peace and happiness to all

So, it would seem to bring enough benefits to be worth trying, don’t you think?

 Note. All these are explained more fully in the topic papers themselves.

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2 thoughts on “SA45. Of course, it wouldn’t solve all problems………by Tommas Graves

  1. benj

    No, a LVT wouldn’t stop children disappointing their parents, or make all men as hansom a George Clooney and all women as attractive as Angelina Jolie.

    However, all economic problems, and thus most social problems stem from an unfair distribution of the factors of production. Because of this we get excessive inequality (distribution) and distorted and misaligned incentives (inefficiency).

    Anyone who dismiss LVT for being a panacea or silver bullet are failing to see the big picture and ask fundamental questions.

    Property rights are the foundation upon which we build a civilised and prosperous society. If we have got our framework of property rights incorrect, then it should be no surprise that we’ve ended up with a such a twisted and complex set of problems that people find it very difficult to see the very simple solution to them.

    Humans have accomplished great things by sharing knowledge. Yet, when it comes to very simple questions of ethics (where we have to think for ourselves), we are light years behind our technical achievements.

    Your friend could list any economic problem, and I’ll happy to show them how LVT would sort it out. Because fairness and efficiency are two sides of the same coin.


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